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From Nancy Wilcox, our Director….
We are “Opening” back up on Monday, June 1st, with curbside pick-up only for now. Oxford patrons will only be able to check out Oxford materials at this time – no interlibrary loans (sorry!). To order your books, call the library at 607-843-6146 (during what were the hours we were regularly open), or email ox.ill@4cls.org. Please be sure to have your library card in hand when ordering, as our policies state we need your ID number to place the hold and check out materials. We will call you to schedule your pick up with us, and then your items will be placed at one of our entrances for you to pick up at that time. Patrons will not be allowed inside the library until further notice. All book returns still need to be put in the drop box on the front porch.
We will keep you updated as things change. Thank you for your patience and support while we work out all the kinks in doing things this way.

Chartered to serve the Oxford Academy and Central School District, which includes the Town and Village of Oxford, NY, the Oxford Memorial Library is a member of the 4 County Library System.  This allows our patrons access to all the books and items we do not own through InterLibrary Loan.  The McDonough Community Center houses a branch of the Oxford Memorial Library.

We want to remind everyone of some important closing times at the Library so that you may plan your visit accordingly. The public access computers are turned off 1/2 hour before the posted Library closing time. Our Circulation computer (the one that is used to check out all materials) will be shut down 15 minutes before posted closing time. Please keep these times in mind when you come to the Library near closing time, and understand when we may not be able to accommodate you in checking out a book or DVD, or if you need to print out that last minute page!

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