Welcome to Oxford Memorial Library

On June 29, the Library opened for browsing with certain restrictions. 

  • Masks must be worn at all times. 
  • Please respect social distancing and remain 6 feet apart; look for our handy reminders of this when you walk in the front door. 
  • You are welcome to browse the stacks; however, do not put books back on the shelves – leave them on the carts or tables placed throughout the Library for your convenience (unless, of course, you are planning to check out the item). 
  • Items on the Reference Table are in Quarantine – please do not touch them! 
  • No restroom is currently available. . 

This is a fluid situation and may change over the next few weeks – thank you all for your understanding as we work through this together!


UPDATE: Starting September 11, 2020, we will have 1 public access computer available for use. It may be used for two 1/2 hour time slots in one day (1 hour total), providing the user has a valid Library Card and has agreed to the Computer Usage Policy. The Laser Color Printer will also be available to use with the computer, with copies costing 25 cents for each page.

After each patron’s usage, the computer will be out of service for 1/2 hour for the Library Staff to clean and disinfect the computer and area surrounding it.


MEETING ROOM UPDATE: As of September 14, the Community and Youth Services Room will be available for meetings for groups of up to 12 people. A current, approved application needs to be on file for this use.


We want to remind everyone of some important closing times at the Library so that you may plan your visit accordingly. The public access computers are turned off 1/2 hour before the posted Library closing time. Our Circulation computer (the one that is used to check out all materials) will be shut down 15 minutes before posted closing time. Please keep these times in mind when you come to the Library near closing time, and understand when we may not be able to accommodate you in checking out a book or DVD, or if you need to print out that last minute page!

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