Services Offered

We have many services available during the hours the Library is open:

  • Need to use a computer?  We have 3 public access computers, with a laser printer (25 cents per printed page).  Computer access ends 1/2 hour before the Library closes. **see home page regarding computer usage**
  • Would you like to copy something?  We have a self-service copy machine (25 cents per page).
  • And for faxing off requests, we’ll fax it for you or receive a fax for you ($1.00 per page, excluding the cover sheet).
  • Our Microfilm Reader is available to use with the Oxford Times microfilms, which date from 1813 to 1978. 
  • Rooms available for meetings: the Community and Youth Services Room or the Program Room (this room is located on the 2nd floor of the Library).  An application needs to be submitted, approved, and on file to use either of these rooms  Community Room Application            2nd Floor Meeting Room **As of September 14, 2020, only the Community and Youth Services Room will be available for use, with a maximum of 12 people to use the room at any time**