Welcome to Oxford Memorial Library

***Important Notice***
The Oxford Library is running out of space to store books, and with no chance of having a Book Sale anytime soon, along with all the quarantining that we have to do, we just can’t accept any more book donations.

Whoo hoo!

It’s Bring Your Child To The Library Month! (We decided that one day was just not enough this year.)

So, how is the library celebrating this wonderful event, you ask? Well, let me tell you…

If you have not already been watching Facebook Live Story Time (That you can replay if you don’t catch it live. Hint. Hint.), you really should be. 

During the month of February, there will be “Code Words” mentioned at the end of each Story Time. Stop in to the Library, and tell the Desk Clerk the week’s “Code Word” and get a FREE BOOK!!!!!!!!!! Whoo hoooooo!
Catch: the “Code Words” change from week to week, so you can’t use this week’s “Code Words” for next week.

The Library will also have some interesting displays this month. Swing by and learn about the history of the library itself, how you can help scientists with the study of our local birds, and of course, Valentine’s Day!

Please note the signs on the doors stating COVID rules to follow while visiting the Library.
**Masks MUST be worn in the library. Only exceptions are those with health conditions that prevent them from wearing a mask, and children 2yrs and younger. 

Thank you for your cooperation with our new rules and guidelines. We wish to keep our library a safe place, and by following guidelines, it helps us stay open to continue to serve our community.