Welcome to Oxford Memorial Library

Chartered to serve the Oxford Academy and Central School District, which includes the Town and Village of Oxford, NY, the Oxford Memorial Library is a member of the 4 County Library System.  This allows our patrons access to all the books and items we do not own through InterLibrary Loan.  The McDonough Community Center houses a branch of the Oxford Memorial Library.


CONSTRUCTION NOTICE: We’ll be starting construction in the next few weeks to install solar panels along the back of the parking lot (at the top of the river bank).  We will be removing trees, moving the light for the parking lot to the south end of the lot, leveling the area where the trees were removed, then pouring concrete slabs.  This means that access to our parking lot will be limited – or not allowed at all – as we work on construction for the panels for about a month.  Please bear with us as we continue to upgrade our electrical system to better serve you!



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