Family Programs

Fairy House Craft Night!

June 23 @ 6pm

We unfortunately had to reschedule this Craft Night from it’s original date in May, but the Fairies would not allow us to cancel it all together. So, we have chosen the 4th Thursday in June as our reschedule date. 

The Fairies would like to let everyone know that ALL are welcome to come make a Fairy House. 

*Younger children will need help with this craft, as there will be an odd collection of different sized things to build with and hot glue will be in use.*

There will be many objects and crafty things available to make your Fairy House with, or you can feel free to bring some of your own odds and ends to use or share.

Come thinking “Tink and the Lost Treasures”, as this is a craft designed to let you use your creativity in the most unique ways you can. The more creative you are, the more chances you have of a Fairy deciding to move in.   

Thursday, June 16th


Family Game Night!

The Oxford Memorial Library hosts Family Game Night every third Thursday of the month. We have a selection of board and card games for you to choose from, along with other games that some of our guests bring to share for the evening. There is something for everyone!